i am Olaf Simon, foleyartist. foleysound is my project, dedicated to produce foleyrecordings for motion pictures.


foley, i believe is modelling characters and creating emotional rooms through sound!
Not more, not less.


on the individual needs of each project we produce useful and only believable sounds.

good stuff

is coming along, we are working with wellcollected and best selected props, recording equipment and room acoustics.


gets nowadays sometimes like: building up the world in three days.
we give the best building it up in four days without loosing whats called the world.


We record directly to Protools 12 using various types of recording and signal processing equipment in spatial arrangements, selected microphones from Shoeps, Neumann and Sennheiser.


Olaf Simon - Foley artist

mobile: +49 (0)17620557751
E-Mail: olaf@foleysound.design

    54290 Trier / Germany