specialized in manufacturing finest, handcrafted foleyrecordings and sounds for motionpictures. We push our phantasy to shape your project clear and beautiful. since 2008


foleys for us is acustic character modelling.
It´s 99% of creating the psychology of a character through sound - with just a little bit on top.

to understand

the individual needs of your project are the delightful process to create comprehensible sounds.
Each work gets his own handcrafted performingstyle.

we are offering

a wide range from raw foley recordings till a well cutted foley premix. Always focused to produce best sounding results.

we handle

your pictures responsibly. Always with an eye on network security. Throughout the entire post-production chain, we carefully take care of your production.

New remote recording accessable with nuendo

allows remote transmission & recording by connecting to the foleylab from anywhere in the world
more efficient workingprocess through directing your recordingwishes
more transparent and faster results

for more infomation or test recordings just drop me a line to: olaf@foleysound.design


Here are some of the films we have worked on. For more info check out my listings on


we record in clean and spacial environments. equiped with car, kitchen, bathroom and lots of well selected props... we are using protools and nuendo with best types of recording and signal processing equipment and a selection of mics. Focusrite ISA 2, Millenia, Neumann KMR 81/ TLM 104, Shoeps CMIT5U,2x Sennheiser MKH 8040 ...


Olaf Simon - Foley artist