i am Olaf Simon, foleyartist. foleysound is my project, build to produce foleyrecordings for motion pictures .


good foleys, is the acustic way of modelling characters and creating soundscapes with the empathie for details inside the story.

the individual

needs of each project are a delightful challenge to create new sounds.
I am curious on ``painting`` unique, handmade foley recordings.


a range from row foley recordings till a well cutted foley premix. My service is always focused to get a good working result, especially in terms of realism and quality. I like to listen to your needs. Just give me a call.

i gently

handle your motion pictures with responsibly. Always with an eye on security in the network. During the whole postproductionchain, i personally care for your deliverings.


Here are some of the films I have worked on. For more info check out my listings on


i produce a well mixed combination of performing foley in spacial environments. Using Protools with clean and colorful types of recording and signal processing equipment and a selection of low noise microphones.


Olaf Simon - Foley artist

mobile: +49 (0)17620557751
E-Mail: olaf@foleysound.design

    54290 Trier / Germany